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Carey Publications covers a number of books published by the Reformation Today Trust. The following titles are available and can be ordered through Tentmaker Publications by clicking on the respective link below each summary.

A Faith to Confess — The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

In 1689 a group of Baptist teachers and theologians set out to describe what they believed were the main teachings of the Bible, They thoroughly examined the Scriptures to work out each key doctrines and from it wrote their definitive Confession of the Baptist faith, giving Biblical evidence to support their understanding, and this is what they wrote.


Bill James, Baptism and Church Membership

Baptism and Church Membership for everyday life. Do I need to be baptized as a believer? Why should I become a church member?

Baptism and church membership are sometimes neglected elements of Christian discipleship today. This booklet sets out the teaching of Scripture, showing the importance and significance of obeying the Lord in these matters. Baptism is a demonstration of the Lord’s work of salvation in us; it brings blessing to the believer, encouragement to the church and clear testimony to the world. Church membership signifies commitment to our new family, the body of Christ, and brings the help and support of God’s people as we seek to serve the Lord together.


A Catechism for Boys and Girls

Suitable for use in family worship times or in a Sunday school setting, A catechism for boys and girls teaches children basic Christian doctrines and forms a framework for personal interaction with the Scriptures. This series of questions and answers develops a fundamental understanding of God, sin, salvation, prayer, the Bible, the church, and heaven and hell. Each answer in the catechism is supported by Scripture references. The task of teaching doctrine is increasingly challenging in present-day society, but this small catechism is a helpful resource for training children in the fear and the ways of God. Memorizing key doctrines using this systematic approach will give boys and girls the broad and firm foundation they need to understand God’s purposes in this world and his plan for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


Hendrick F Stander, Johannes P Louw, Baptism in the Early Church

The practice of baptism remains a hotly debated issue in the modern church and many scholars have used early church practice as evidence for their own views. As a result of misleading accounts gleaned from modern secondary works, many Christians have been left confused and with unanswered questions on the subject. Responding to the need for Christians to read the primary texts for themselves, the authors have compiled a valuable sourcebook of the writings, art and tombstone inscriptions of the Church Fathers which is objective, scholarly and accessible to all.

Professors Stander and Louw are recognised authorities in the field of Patristic studies. Professor Stander is currently head of Greek at the Department of Ancient Languages at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and has written over 400 books and articles. Professor Louw was also head of Greek at the University of Pretoria until his retirement and has published around 120 articles and books.


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