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The resurgence of Christianity with its Biblical, reformed and historic dimensions has been aided greatly by the publication of sound literature in the last 50+ years. It has, however, been difficult to find the articles in the back issues of the leading journals and conference papers. Three of the most valuable sources of these materials have now been thoroughly indexed enabling finding by authors and subjects, and the most permanently useful articles from a fourth source have been added. The sources are:

  • The Banner of Truth Magazine, 1955 to 2009, Issues 1 to 555 Articles are marked Banner
  • Reformation Today, 1970 to 2009, Issues 1 to 232 Articles are marked Reformation
  • Puritan and Reformed Studies Conference, 1955 to 1969, then subsequently
  • The Westminster Conference, 1971 to 2009 Papers are marked Westminster
  • Articles on the Banner of Truth Website, 1998 to Dec 2009 (selected), marked B Website

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