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The Reformation Today Trust is a Christian charity based in the UK which aims to promote the historical biblical faith as expressed in the London Baptist Confession of 1689, and to support churches worldwide with its various ministries.


Reformed Baptists today are a worldwide, growing group of Christians united in local churches who aim to adhere to the biblical faith and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their historical roots are found in the Reformation of the 16th-century and the Puritan movement of the 17th-century. They were initially known as Particular Baptists. Following the resurgence of the Reformed faith after the Second World War, these Baptists adopted the term Reformed Baptists to indicate their doctrinal and ecclesiastical position. An excellent expression of this position is found in the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 which has been modernised and republished. The Reformation Today Trust was formed in 1970 under the leadership of pastor Erroll Hulse, the founding editor of Reformation Today.


Hugh Collier, pastor of Great Ellingham Reformed Baptist Church (chairman)
Oliver Allmand-Smith, pastor of Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, Lancashire
Andrew King, pastor of Highbury Baptist Church, London
Stephen Dunning (treasurer)
Robert Strivens, pastor of Old Baptist Chapel, Bradford-on-Avon
Paul Brunning – Head of Communications, Grace Baptist Mission

Why still needed today

A Reformed church is a church that keeps reforming itself in the face of a continuous flow of different challenges for the church in the world. Examples of such challenges today are the effects of postmodern philosophy, the unbiblical prosperity (or ‘health-and-wealth’) gospel, excesses of the charismatic movement, and a lack of holiness and commitment in local churches. Current thinking and practice in western society in the areas of gender, sexuality and identity require Christians to develop clear responses rooted in a thoroughly biblical theology. The best antidote to all these challenges is to strengthen the doctrine and practice of local churches, for example by encouraging faithful, biblical expository preaching. To this end, the Reformation Today Trust has developed various ministries:

  • Reformation Today Magazine:
    A quarterly printed magazine distributed mainly in the UK, North America, some African countries (especially South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Nigeria), Australia and New Zealand. See the RT Magazine page.
  • Carey Ministers Conference:
    An annual conference always held in the first full week of January in the UK and aimed at pastors, church leaders and their wives. See the About Carey Conference page.
  • Carey Publications:
    The publication of books and brochures on topics of direct relevance to the aims of the Trust.
  • Support to African Pastors’ Conferences:
    The Trust actively supports the ministry of the African Pastors’ Conferences. See the African Pastors’ Conferences page.

“Reformation Today” is registered in the UK as a charity. Charity no: 1017000

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