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Reformation Today is a quarterly, 44-page, full colour magazine, applying the teachings of the Bible to the life of our churches to bring reformation and spiritual refreshment.

Reformation Today aims at encouraging churches and individuals throughout the (English Speaking) world to embrace and hold the biblical faith as outlined and understood by the London Confession of Faith (1689). The magazine links together those who are concerned to see reformation in our churches, and an appreciation of our reformed and puritan heritage.

It publishes theological and historical articles by contemporary writers. It also shares news of churches experiencing blessing or particular suffering and is committed to awakening a passion for world mission.

The magazine also aims to biblically evaluate popular theological trends. Reformation Today sees the need to edify believing churches and individuals so that they will not fall prey to every wind of doctrine. This is why it is the editorial policy of the magazine to solely publish the work of contemporary authors.

The editors of the magazine are especially sensitive to the needs of church leaders in parts of the world who have a thirst for biblical knowledge but who have very limited literary resources.

NOTE: RT Magazine used to be bi-monthly, but for financial reasons and as a temporary measure the frequency has changed to quarterly with every issue appearing on the first day of the quarter.

The Content

The articles of Reformation Today cover the following categories:

  • Exposition: aiming to help pastors and others prepare sermons and giving young peoples’ talks etc.
  • Theology: Important key doctrines: the timeless truth of God’s Word applied to our contemporary situation
  • Practice: Relevant issues include preaching, evangelism, mission, church planting, revival, church order, and cultivating holiness.
  • History/Biography: We review the lessons of history with articles on the Reformers and Puritans, William Carey, Adoniram Judson, Spurgeon and others.
  • News: generally shorter articles aiming to make readers aware of revival/suffering. News of conferences Aim to encourage prayer/ fellowship
  • Books: Important new books are announced and some of them are reviewed.


The current editor is Kees van Kralingen who in 2014 succeeded the founding editor Erroll Hulse. Kees is married to Lydia, and lives in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Kees & Lydia are members of the Independent Baptist Church in Papendrecht in which Kees serves as an elder. Kees occasionally also preaches and teaches in other churches and at conferences. In 2018 he obtained his PhD in theology with a thesis entitled: ‘A Study of Theological responses to Alvin Plantinga’s Aquinas/Calvin Model of Warranted Christian Belief.’

Associate Editors

UK: Mostyn Roberts
USA: Michael Haykin

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